Chongqing Division

Chongqing Division relies on Chongqing Survey Institute (CSI) which was established in 1950, and subordinate toChongqing Municipal Planning Bureau. CSI is mainly engaged in survey engineering, remote sensing, geographic information systems engineering, rock and soil engineering.
CSI is a scientific research institute which mainly commits itself to the 3S technology application with plenty ofqualifications such as first rate qualification in comprehensive survey granted by Ministry of Housing andUrban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (PRC), first rate survey qualification granted byNational State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, first rate qualification for geological disaster in preventionengineering survey and risk evaluation granted by Ministry of Land and Resource of the PRC, third levelqualification in the integration of computer information systems granted by Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology of the PRC, national first class qualification in archives management for scientific and technical
undertakings granted by The State Archives Administration of the PRC.
CSI was granted the quality management system certification of ISO9001 in March 2000 and established thequality, environment and occupational health safety management system in 2008 which standardized theproduction and quality management. CSI is a institute of application research and popularization in remote sensing,geographic information systems, provides services of remote sensing and geographic information for city planning,construction, management and development of the society and economy of Chongqing.

Research Fields
The research fields of CSI are as follows: carrying out research on environment disposal of the Three Gorge area,implementing research on cultural relic protection, formulating criterion for remote sensing application remotesensing data collection, management and distribution, remote sensing products utilization, providing service for theplanning and management of city and country. CSI contributes a lot in disaster salvage, emergency disposal,national and local economy construction, environment protection, national safety and meeting the tremendous public needs of space information.

CSI has made remarkable progress in the scientific research and engineering application in many informationsurveying areas such as RS, GIS, GNSS, digital mapping, and has undertaken many national and provincialscientific research and engineering projects. In the period of "the Eleventh Five-year Plan", it has undertaken several provincial research projects, including research on UAVimage acquisition and fast processing , multi-baseline close-rangephotogrammetry, demonstration application and technologyresearch of 3D laser scanning, demonstration application andtechnology research of large scale mapping with IMU/DGPS aidedaerial photogrammetry, and digital full-view map. At the sametime, CSI presides relevant researches on designing national andlocal criterions, carries out the construction of the basic geographicdatabase of Chongqing and many thematic databases. CSIimplement the construction of the geographic informationengineering serving for the industry and public, so as to promotethe integration of 3S technology and its application Therefore it hasgained many prizes at national and provincial levels. CSI keeps itself at the leading place in the aspects of key technologiesof the 3D city simulation, research on 3D modeling criterions, data production of 3D city models, mass multi-sources dataintegration and promoting the application of the industry. 189 scientific papers have been published in domestic andinternational publication. 25 software with independent copyright have been developed by CSI, such as "integration systemof multi-scale acquisitioning and cataloguing and quality inspection of aerial remote sensing image", "GeoKing 3Dsimulation system", "3D urban service platform for public", and so on. 2 national patents were acquired in the practicalwork and brought notable economic profit and social benefit. CSI was honored as advanced city survey units in China several times.

CSI has more than 780 staffs, 80% of which are high-quality scientific and technological experts or engineers. Amongthem, there are 16 senior engineers with professor title, more than 60 senior engineers, more than 80 engineers, 11 certifiedrock engineers, 3 certified mapping engineers, 2 experts who were awarded with special subsidy of the State Council, 1survey and design master of Chongqing. CSI also has many certified structure engineers, certified supervisor engineers,certified consultation engineers and certified earthquake safety evaluation engineers. It is a team full of youthful spirit with good skills and desire to devote especially in hard work.

Equipment and Facilities
CSI possesses strong technical accumulation and excellent equipment, including more than 100 sets of IntelligentElectronic Total Station Instrument, 40 sets of GPS receiver, 1 Ground Penetrating Radar, 13 plotters, 210 sets ofprofessional survey software, more than 500 high-performance graphic workstation, 20 sets of digital photogrammetryworkstation, 2 sets of low-altitude UAV image acquisition and processing software, 1 set of 3D laser scanner, 1 set of earth observation data processing system and 1 set of true 3D simulation demonstration instrument and so on.

International Cooperation
CSI endorsed itself in setting up academic exchange andtechnical cooperation relationships with internationalinstitutes in France, America, Japan, Swiss, WBG, and so on.In addition, CSI is responsible for cooperative applicationresearch on satellite remote sensing and GIS betweenChongqing city and Toulouse city of France, collaboratingwith ITVGIS Company in Switzerland for the GIS sub-projectof Chongqing environment project invested by World Bank.Furthermore, CSI sent researchers to America for advancedGIS, GPS and RS studies; invited experts from ImperialCollege of London for academic exchange. In 2009,researchers from CSI attended "2009 Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event" conference and gave oral presentation.

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